Day ONE: 4 Nov 2022 (Fri)

08:45 – 09:00

Opening Ceremony (Host: Prof. Shaodan MA)

09:00 –10:40

Keynote Session I

Keynote Speech #1 (Chair: Prof. Shaodan MA):

Grid Modernisation for Smart and Carbon-Neutral Cities, by Prof. Chi Yung CHUNG, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Keynote Speech #2 (Chair: Prof. Chengzhong XU):

From Information Networking to Intelligence Networking, by Prof. Fei Richard YU, Guangdong Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy Laboratory (Shenzhen)

09:45 09:55

Tea Break

10:50 –12:20

Industrial Session

Speakers from Macau major enterprises (Huawei Macau, Companhia de Electricidade de Macau and Zhen Hwa Harbour Construction Co., Ltd.)

12:20 – 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 – 16:05

Invited Talk Session I

Sensing and Communications Track

Urban Public Safety and Disaster Prevention Track

Open Research Project Highlight Session

Reconfigurable Holographic Surfaces: A New Paradigm to Holographic Communications for 6G (Prof. Lingyang SONG)

Fast and Maneuverable Soft Robots Driven by Underwater Combustion (Prof. Zhiguo HE)

Practice of Machine Learning in Constitutive Modelling of Soils (Prof. Zhenyu YIN)

Environmental Sustainability and Intelligence as well as General Green Technologies (Prof. Jinsong WU)

Case Study of Oceanic Response to Tropical Cyclone (Prof. Chunhua QIU)

Development and Applications of Triboelectric Sensors in the Industrial Technology (Dr. Tinghai CHENG)

Joint Vehicular Localization and Reflective Mapping Based on Team Channel-SLAM (Prof. Zhaoming LU)

Marine Observation Strategy for the Tropical Coastal Cities’ SDG 14 (Prof. Dongxiao WANG)

Challenges of Digitizing Power Grid Operation Business and a Brief Discussion on the Bottleneck of the Digital Platform’s Data Lake (Prof. Junbo ZHANG)

Green Federated Learning: A Wireless Power Transfer Approach (Prof. Yuan WU)

Successful Implementations of a Real-time and Intelligent Early Warning System for Loess Landslides on the Heifangtai Terrace  (Prof. Dalei PENG)

Federated Transfer Learning for Domain Adaptive Indoor Wireless Sensing (Prof. Suzhi BI)

Adaptive Reservoir Management under Climate Change in the Lancang-Mekong River Basin  (Prof. Qiuhong TANG)

Joint MCS Adaptation and RB Allocation in Cellular Networks Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning with Stable Matching (Prof. Liqun FU)

16:05 – 16:15

Tea Break

16:15 – 18:20

Invited Talk Session II

Smart Energy Track

AI and Big Data Track

Optimization of Smart Energy Communities (Prof. Pierluigi SIANO)

Sequential Location Recommendation and Beyond (Prof. Defu LIAN)

Exploration and Practice of Efficient Operation of Urban Intergrated Energy System (Prof. Wei GU)


Optimization from Structured Samples —— An Effective Approach for Data-driven Optimization (Prof. Wei CHEN)

Reliability and Resilience Evaluation of Integrated Energy Systems (Prof. Yi DING)


Software Systems for Heterogeneous Hardware and Advanced Data Processing Platforms (Prof. Philippe Cudré-Mauroux)

Transition Pathway Towards Carbon Neutral Electrical Power Systems in China: Quantitative Analyses Based on High-precision Models (Prof. Xinyu CHEN)

Spatio-Temporal Urban Data: Sensing, Analytics, Ad Applications (Prof. Longbiao CHEN)

Research on Emerging Threats and Protection Techniques of Energy IoT Cyber-physical System (Prof. Keng Weng LAO)

Order Selection Prophet Inequality (Prof. Zhihao TANG)


Dinner Banquet




     Day TWO: 5 Nov 2022 (Sat)

9:00 – 09:45

Keynote Session II

Keynote Speech #3 (Chair: Prof. Zhiguo GONG):

Data Science for Deep Learning, by Prof. Lei CHEN, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

09:45 09:55

Tea Break

09:55 – 11:55

Invited Talk Session III

Smart Energy Track

Intelligent Transportation Track

Sensing and Communications Track

New Concept and Research Development of Power Electronics Equipment for DC System (Prof. Miao ZHU)

Real-time Traffic and Road Surveillance with Parallel Edge Intelligence (Prof. Ruimin KE)

Self-Evolving and Transformative (SET) Protocol Architecture for 6G (Prof. Lin CAI)

Flexibility Aggregation and Dispatch of Large Scale Distributed Energy Resources (Prof. Zechun HU)

Decoupling Causal Learning Method and Applications (Prof. Baochang ZHANG)

Reconfigurable Intelligent and Holographic Surfaces for Wireless Communications – On Modeling the Mutual Coupling (Prof. Marco Di Renzo)

Decentralized/Distributed Optimal Operation of Power System with High Penetration of Renewables (Prof. Qiuwei WU)

LibCity: An Open-source Platform for Urban Spatio-temporal Prediction (Prof. Jingyuan WANG)

Empowering Federated Learning in IoV with Fuzzy Logic-based Client Selection (Prof. Celimuge WU)

Coordinated Operation and Planning of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in Microgrids (Prof. Yan XU)

Cooperative Path Planning of Large-scale Mobile Robot Groups (Prof. Zhe LIU)

Wi-Fi Can Do More: Towards Ubiquitous Wireless Sensing (Beibei WANG)

Resilient Operation of Urban Power Grid under New Energy Paradigm (Prof. Yunhe HOU)

On the Fundamental Tradeoff of Integrated Sensing and Communications Under Gaussian Channels (Prof. Fan LIU)

12:00 – 13:00

Poster Session

50+ posters presented on site

13:00 – 14:30

Lunch Break

14:30 – 16:35

Invited Talk Session IV

AI and Big Data Track

Intelligent Transportation Track

Urban Public Safety and Disaster
Prevention Track

Physical Anti-copying Semi-Robust Watermarking for QR Codes (Prof. Li DONG)

Effective Network Embedding Methods on Large-scale Graphs (Prof. Jieming SHI)

SMA-based Seismic-Resistant Structures: From Smart Materials to resilient structures (Prof. Songye ZHU)

Self-supervised Recommender Systems (Prof. Chao HUANG)

Robust and Efficient Mobile Robot Localization Using LiDAR and Radar (Prof. Huan YIN)

Accounting for Multiple Uncertainties in the Digital Twinning of Structural Dynamical Systems Based on Fast Bayesian Learning and Metamodeling (Prof. Wangji YAN)

Towards Understanding COVID-19 Vaccination Stances Based on Interaction Graph: A Novel Dataset and its Applications (Prof. Yupeng LI)

Learning Realistic and Reactive Traffic Agents (Prof. Meixin ZHU)

Susceptibility Analysis and Economic Vulnerability of Buildings to Glacier-related Debris Flows (Prof. Xueyu GENG)

Recent Developments in Fair Allocations of Indivisible Chores (Prof. Xiaowei WU)

The Real Impact and the User Perception of Sandwich Attacks in the DeFi Ecosystem (Prof. Ye WANG)

The Impact of the Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on the UK Coasts (Prof. Shunqi PAN)

Towards Smart and Energy-efficient UAV Systems and Applications (Prof. Kuangyu ZHENG)

Two-phase Modelling of Sediment Transport by Incompressible SPH (Prof. Yan ZHOU)

16:35 – 17:20

Keynote Session III

Keynote Speech #4 (Chair: Prof. Shaodan MA):

Bruce Lee Inspired Fluid Antenna Systems for 6G, by Prof. Kai-Kit WONG, University College London