AI and Big Data Track

This track aims to present the most recent challenges and developments in urban Big Data and intelligent technologies for smart cities. The broad emphasis of this track is on exploring how data-centric approaches can support the development of smart cities. The track provides the discussion on the following topics (but not limited to): Urban computing and Big Data analytics, Social computing and social network analysis for smart cities, Data analysis and machine learning for smart city applications, Big Data infrastructures and warehouses for smart cities, Privacy protection in urban Big Data, Future advancements of urban Big Data and intelligent technologies for smart cities.

Invited Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Longbiao CHEN
Associate Professor, Xiamen University
Talk Title: Spatio-Temporal Urban Data: Sensing, Analytics, Ad Applications

Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA)
Talk Title: Optimization from Structured Samples —— An Effective Approach for Data-driven Optimization

Philippe Cudré-Mauroux
Professor, University of Fribourg
Talk Title: Software Systems for Heterogeneous Hardware and Advanced Data Processing Platforms

Assistant Professor, Ningbo University
Talk Title: Physical Anti-copying Semi-Robust Watermarking for QR Codes

Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong
Talk Title: Self-supervised Recommender Systems

Professor, University of Science and Technology of China
Talk Title: Sequential Location Recommendation and Beyond

Yupeng LI
Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University
Talk Title: Towards Understanding COVID-19 Vaccination Stances Based on Interaction Graph: A Novel Dataset and its Applications

Zhihao TANG
Associate Professor, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Talk Title: Order Selection Prophet Inequality

Xiaowei WU
Assistant Professor, University of Macau
Talk Title: Recent Developments in Fair Allocations of Indivisible Chores