Urban Public Safety and Disaster Prevention Track

With climate change, the frequency and intensity of natural hazards such as tropical cyclones, extreme precipitation and geological disasters keep increasing. Urbanization brings about more exposure to these natural hazards, leading to rising risk. Besides the threats from natural hazards, infrastructure safety becomes an emerging problem with the aging of existing structures and new construction in high-density urban region and harsh environments due to expansion of human activity. To cope with the above challenges in protecting urban public safety, advances in both basic hazard mechanics and multi-disciplinary research have been achieved in recent years. New “smart” technologies such as IoT, big data and artificial intelligence gradually play an important role to shape new strategies for disaster mitigation. Therefore, this track aims at promoting the discussions on the latest developments in the fundamental mechanics, new technologies, and promising practices in fields of structural health monitoring, geotechnical engineering safety, and ocean disaster mitigation with the objective of building a safer living environment in future smart city.

Invited Speakers (Coming Soon)