Intelligent Transportation Track

The Intelligent Transportation track aims to explore the advanced techniques, theory, applications, simulations, and architectures of the next generation transportation systems. With the help of emerging artificial intelligence and big data processing techniques, the next generation transportation systems should have good opportunities to overcome the challenges and obstacles in the past. The topics of this track include, but are not limited to, traffic operation theory, driver behaviour, traffic data management, autonomous driving, location-based services, traffic simulation, and edge computing. Our track particularly invites and encourages prospective speakers to share their work, findings, perspectives and developments as related to implementation and deployment of advanced intelligent transportation systems and applications.

Invited Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Associate Professor, University of Macau
Talk Title: Exploratory SLAM by Autonomous Robots for High-definition Map Generation

Guofa LI
Associate Research Professor, Shenzhen University
Talk Title: Intelligent Perception in Unsatisfactory Environment for Autonomous Driving

Wei MA
Assistant Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Talk Title: Cybersecurity Challenges in Smart Transportation Systems: Two Exploratory Studies

Associate Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology
Talk Title: Next-Generation Urban Management: When Human Mobility Modeling Meets AI and Big Data

Raymond Chi-Wing WONG
Professor, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Talk Title: Big Data Analytics on Big Spatial Database

Baochang ZHANG
Professor, Beihang University
Talk Title: Visual Edge Computing